Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Update # 2

Hey everyone!

First off, I wanted to thank you all for all of your incredible support! I never expected my video/blog to get such amazing feedback! So many people contacted me with praise & offered their support. It's so wonderful to know that I'm not alone in this battle & that so many people truly do care. Thank you all so much(:

After letting all of you in on my life, I had 4 days of intense nausea. I experienced this after my first treatment as well, but this time was much worse. I was vomiting, unable to eat, & could barely move without feeling sick. Finally, on the 4th day, we got some new medicine on board! It's supposed to be really strong & the best anti-nausea medicine out there. I'm so grateful to have finally found something that works!

Yesterday, I had an interview with a guy that works at KGO radio. It's a local news station that does these things called "spotlights." They found out about me from a nurse I met when I was in the ER a few weeks ago. He said my story was "inspiring & unique" & asked if he could interview me! The special on my journey is going to air sometime in the next few weeks. It'll run 7 times that day. It's really cool to know that this interview will spread even more awareness! I'm so excited to see where this journey will take me(:

I would also like to encourage you all to go to the chili cook off at Granada this coming Friday before the Livermore vs. Granada game! It starts at 5:30 & all the proceeds go to a little boy who is fighting a hard battle with kidney cancer. He lives here in Livermore & really needs all the help we can give him. I'll be there to get some chili & donate & I hope anyone else that can will join me!

Stay strong, stay positive, & grow!


  1. Lizzy, I'm glad your new medicine eases the nausea. I want you to know that I'll be following your updates and praying for you through your treatment and recovery. You are so beautiful. Never lose that amazing smile!! - Michelle

  2. I just heard your KGO spotlight interview. I'm local to the Bay Area, just over in Fremont.

    Just wanted to say that you're wonderful for being positive and strong. You have a lovely voice as well! :) Keep your head up and your spirits up. And keep sharing your stories. Best wishes to you and your family! ^^