Thursday, November 8, 2012

Update # 3

Today, on KGO radio (810am), a "spotlight" story of my journey was aired. It played 5 times throughout the day. When I went to a check up appointment with one of my surgeons, Dr. Hornik, I told everyone in the office about how I had been interviewed & that the story was airing today. Everyone was really excited & said that they'd definitely tune in.

Before leaving Kaiser, Ruth, my "breast care coordinator," called us into Dr. Hornik's office where my mom, Dr. Hornik, Ruth, Rachael, & I all sat to listened to my story. As I was listening, I looked around the room at the people around me & felt so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. Since the beginning of my journey, they have shown me nothing but love & support, always having my best interest in mind. It's so amazing to think that I never would have met them if I wouldn't have gotten cancer... & I wonder how I could ever think "why me?"

Everyday, life shows me more & more that my diagnosis was actually a good thing. It's enabled me to spread awareness & save lives, be with people who have proven that they truly care about me, & grow exponentially as a person. I am the happiest I ever have been(:

Below is a picture of us (minus Rachael, who was taking the picture) crowded around the computer screen, listening to the radio, as well as a the story featured on KGO.

Stay strong, stay positive, & grow! 


  1. Lizzy!

    This is samantha, I'm Shannen's sister - the nurse that you met at kaiser :-)

    I will never forget th day my siste told me about your story. You really touched her deeply and she couldn't believe how mature you seemed for such a young age. And to be going through something so awful at such a young age - but with such strength and courage.

    I've had the chance to listen to your KGo spotlight ad - loved it!!!! Gave me chills!! And am so happy to have found your blog.

    You are a beautiful person on the outside and the inside!!!!

    All the best to you!!!
    Samantha :-)

  2. Hey Lizzy: I so admire the way you're holding this experience. I hope that if I'm presented with such a challenge that I'll rise to the occasion as well. The KGO spot was very good. I'm really proud of you,

    Your step-second-cousin (I think that's the relationship!) Michael